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Keep Your Computer awake

with a mouse jiggler

The Smart Mouse Jiggler will simulate
mouse movements during your work day

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Mouse Jiggler Benefits

  • FORGET “getting logged off” during a meeting or presentation
  • FORGET “showing up as inactive” when working from home
    because you stepped away to the restroom
  • FORGET “having to retype your password” to get back into your system
  • FORGET “having your computer go to sleep” mode while
    giving a presentation
  • FORGET “seeing a screensaver” because you are reading and haven’t moved your mouse
  • FORGET “the hassle” of manually jiggling your mouse to keep your computer logged in.
  • FORGET “getting logged off” during a software installation.


    Double click to open

    Set the hours for Smart Mouse Jiggler to run - (the typical setting is 8)

    Simply minimize the program and it will do its job in the background

  • The Smart Mouse Jiggler doesn’t require installation and can run from anywhere on your computer
  • It uses Very little space (only 288 KB) on the hard drive
  • Un-intrusive and easy interface
  • Not detectable by highest security protocol on a corporate pc and even with Windows 10
  • Set the length of hours to run and click Start

    Did you imagine that such a program existed before
    you came across Smart Mouse Jiggler?

    I work in Information Technology and need to dial into work first thing every morning. I used to set my computer up so it wouldn't go in sleep mode, but this would routinely get reconfigured after periodic windows updates, and then show me offline. After as easy peasy setup, running Smart Mouse Jiggler this was never a problem again, and my computer never goes to sleep anymore. A total win!

    Venessa G loves Mouse Jiggler Software Venessa G

    This program has the simplest setup ever. Put on desktop, double click, and it’s running in the background. What’s more it will never interfere with your work in any way. Smart Mouse Jiggler gives me another level of protection in keeping me from getting logged out from the company computer even when working remotely from my home office. Product is an A+ in my book!

    Fredrick C

    A fantastic product since Smart Mouse Jiggler keeps my work computer awake for the entire day! This is really important since my company has short activity time limits on most of their software.

    Kathy S

    I got the Smart Mouse Jiggler to prevent my company’s laptop from logging me out every 10 minutes and then forcing me to log back in, ugghh. What a pain that was! Smart Mouse Jiggler works perfectly keeping me logged in all day long. Now I can relax when taking a coffee or snack break and not having to worry about IT watchdogs (and my boss!) monitoring my activity status!

    Samantha W

    Smart Mouse Jiggler works great on my Windows 10 pc from having Skype become inactive due to my company’s short Skype inactivity timer. I tried other software products for this purpose and they were either unreliable or did not work at all. Smart Mouse Jiggler definitely saved me on several occasions where I had to leave my pc for extended periods of time

    Kevin W

    Let me just say that Smart Mouse Jiggler works exactly as advertised. If you have a job that continually logs you off after a short time period like I do, this product is for you. In fact my work laptop won’t even let me adjust timeout settings period, since these are set by corporate and can’t be overridden! This software is so simple. It just works quietly running in the background. It requires no installation to your pc and is right there subtly jiggling your mouse. This is a no brainer for any employee using a corporate computer!

    Joy N


    ONCE and that is it! There are also no hidden fees for upgrades, etc.

    Smart Mouse Jiggler can be installed on up to 3 PC’s and without issue.

    No. Smart Mouse Jiggler runs undetectable in the background of your PC and will not be noticed by any antivirus software.

    No. Smart Mouse Jiggler runs in the memory in the background of your PC, and as such will not blocked by a firewall upon installation.

    No. Smart Mouse Jiggler takes up an insignificant amount of space on your PC (235 KB) and runs quietly in the background without any type of interference.

    Yes. Just go to and submit a support ticket to deactivate the program on your old pc and we will take care of it. Consequently, that installation of Smart Mouse Jiggler will be disabled and you can install Smart Mouse Jiggler on another PC, and up to 3 PC’s.

    Yes. Just go to anytime if you get stuck for any reason and shoot us a quick email. We are always happy to help!

    Currently Smart Mouse Jiggler only works on the Windows Operating System.

    Absolutely! You’re protected by our 30-day money back guarantee! If you’d like to cancel for any reason, let us know and we’ll deactivate your license key and issue you a full refund right away, no questions asked!

    100% Money Back Guaranteed!



  • Description
  • "while presenting on your screen"during a lengthy session
  • "when stepping away" to the restroom or getting a cup of coffee while working from home
  • not having to retype your password” to get back into your system
  • not having your computer go into sleep mode" while giving a presentation
  • not to see a screensaver” because you are reading and haven’t moved your mouse
  • without the hassle” of manually jiggling your mouse to keep your computer logged in.
  • without getting logged off” during a software installation.
  • Pricing
  • Only


    Install on up to 3 PCs

    30 Day Money Back


    Mouse Jiggler Guarantee